All hedge program management providers are not the same.

Below is a simple checklist to allow you to compare.

Market Research and Insights


Distribute daily First Look at markets

Distribute daily Last Look at markets

Initiate timely market alerts

Maintain detailed market insights

Share trading insights and trends

Provide access to forward curves

Provide access to historical settled curves

Conduct client-only webcasts

Maintain proprietary hedge benchmarking

Create custom analysis upon request

Strategy and Trade Execution


Initiate counterparty introductions

Assist with hedge policy development

Lead hedge strategy implementation

Conduct ongoing portfolio monitoring

Model cash flow and returns

Proactively recommend trades

Execute trades under POA

Manage trading for 200+ entities

Develop bilateral trade execution software

Maintain SEF registration (in progress)

Back-Office Operations


Track hedge positions

Resolve trade confimation discrepancies

Maintain multiple portfolio valuations

Resolve settlement discrepancies

Store production/ consumption/ borrowing

Track lender and internal hedge restrictions

Maintain critical hedge documents

Maintain integrated data subscriptions

Create custom reporting upon request

Maintain SOC 1 certification for operations

Hedge Management Platform


Provide access to executive dashboard

Render standard and sensitivity-adjusted MTM

Provide insightful hedging analytics

Enable online trade execution with counterparties

Provide insightful trade analytics

Automate trade confirmations and settlements

Enable scenario modeling

Make data easily downloadable

Maintain robust cybersecurity posture

Maintain SOC 2 and 3 data center certifications

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